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Innovation is part of Wholesome Wave’s DNA. We encourage staff to share and explore ideas through inclusive processes, open discussions and collaboration.

greatWorkEnvEngaging Work Environment

Our open plan office promotes collaboration, our culture supports growth, and our staff are fun, friendly and supportive.

supportingWellnessHealth & Wellness

Walking around our office you’ll find fresh fruit, standing desks and from time to time our office chair masseuse. We offer generous and comprehensive health and ancillary insurance to all full-time employees.


Whether you’re a commuter, new parent, or you just need to fit a few extra appointments into your day, Wholesome Wave offers trusted employees flexible work arrangements.

lunchLearnsLunch & Learns

All employees are invited to host and participate in lunchtime sessions designed to share skills, solve problems and engage in lively discussions.


Socializing and celebrating over group potlucks brings us closer together, improves creativity, and gives us an opportunity to taste new food and swap new recipes.




Our approach to affecting positive food systems change hinges on effectively balancing a need to be strategic and deliberate, while ensuring we respond entrepreneurially and flexibly to the changing food space. As an organization we take pride in how we approach that balance and work hard to uphold the following values through our work with each other, our constituents and our partners.


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