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National Nutrition Incentive Network

National Nutrition Incentive Network

Are you a Food Insecurity and Nutrition Incentive Program (FINI) grantee or want to apply for FINI funds?

Is your program struggling to connect with SNAP shoppers in your community?

Do you want to start a fruit and vegetable prescription program with your local health care provider?

Are you looking to not reinvent the wheel, but source tried-and-true practices?

Do you want to reach more community members, increase viability for small and mid-size farms, and make healthy, local food more accessible?

Join the national community where these topics are discussed daily, new resources are added regularly, and highly trained technical assistance providers are available for consultation, trainings and customized support.

By participating in the Network, you join an ever-growing community of peers from across the country involved in diverse programs that share a common vision of healthy, affordable, local food for all. Participation enables you to:

  • Connect directly with program practitioners, researchers and advocates in the fields of nutrition incentive programs, fruit and vegetable prescription programs, farm-to-grocery programs, food hubs and healthy food retailing.
  • Access nationally-tested and evidence-based tools, trainings and resources to launch, build and sustain access and affordability programs in your community.
  • Engage Wholesome Wave’s nationally-recognized technical assistance providers to work one-on-one with you and see your program grow.

Joining the Network is free!


…with other Network members through:

  • National Forum: The Network represents hundreds of organizations actively working on affordable food access in their communities. Ask questions, share insights and source solutions from experts in the field.
  • Topical Webinars: See and hear presentations from your peers about their programs, ask questions directly and get real-time answers.
  • Learning Collaboratives: Participate in smaller communities of practitioners to go deep on topics such as fruit and vegetable prescription programs.
  • Annual Summit: Connect with thought leaders and changemakers from across the country as they come together to discuss some of the food system’s most pressing issues, share best practices for programming and present on the latest innovations in affordable food access.


…nationally-tested and evidence-based resources such as:

  • Training Webinars: How-to trainings for beginning, intermediate and advanced access and affordability programs.
  • Plug and Play Tools: Open source marketing and outreach tools, data collection spreadsheets, trainings guides, and press release templates, among many other tools, tested in the field and curated by our staff to bring you the best of the best.   
  • FM Tracks: One of the most sophisticated and versatile data collection systems designed specifically to track and analyze impact of access and affordability programs.
  • Program Builder: Under construction, the Program Builder will provide a simple step-by-step checklist for those looking to launch and grow their programs.


…our highly trained staff to work directly with you on:

  • Trainings: We have developed and delivered trainings to vendors, farmers, market managers, health care providers, grocery store cashiers and other stakeholders involved in affordable food access programs. We can tailor a training specific to your program and audience.
  • Program Scale and Growth: If you’re like many others, you recognize that access and affordability programs often have the greatest impact when coordinated at the state or regional level. Our staff, trained as facilitators and acting as neutral third parties, bring together diverse stakeholders, set a common vision and develop practical plans for state level coordination, alignment and action.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Data collection can be a chore, and doesn’t necessarily result in greater program impact — unless you’re able to use data to make decisions that make your program better. Our staff can teach you how to “read” your data, identify trends and make recommendations for how to modify your program to increase impact.
  • Research: Leveraging our relationships with academics and researchers, we can work with you to design and implement as simple or rigorous a program evaluation as you need.

Local Impact, National Transformation

Being engaged in  the national Network also means you are part of a drive to transform national policy, and institutionalize policies and programs that can sustain affordable food access. By contributing to this community, you are ensuring the impact of your program is captured and counted at the national level.

2014 Farm Bill and the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Grant Program

A turning point for this movement was the passing of the FINI grant program in the 2014 federal Farm Bill, which provides $100M to support projects that provide fruit and vegetable incentives to SNAP consumers.

Looking forward to the next Farm Bill, the national Network is a mechanism to mobilize stakeholders in key states, connect with congressional representatives, and not only defend, but expand FINI funding for another five years.  

Our network has tools and support services for programs at any stage of development. Whether you represent an established statewide network, or a beginning nutrition incentive program, there is a place for you within our network.

Our network members work in communities throughout the country, operating incentive programs at nearly 600 farmers markets, CSAs, and mobile markets. Click on states in dark green for a list of members working in a specific location.

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