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What Does Membership Look Like?

What Does Membership Look Like?

Joining the Network is simple. Just fill out the inquiry form below and a Wholesome Waver will contact you to learn more about you and your affordable food access program, and to orient you to the Network community.

As a Network member, you can expect to:

  • Receive a monthly newsletter announcing the latest in the Network, upcoming webinars and trainings, new Network resources, funding opportunities, advocacy efforts, and opportunities to Connect, Access and Engage in the Network.
  • Be connected to the national listserv, be able to post questions and share with members from across the country.
  • Gain access to the Online Resource Library where you can access dozens of tools, plug and play materials and recordings of webinars.
  • Be invited to register for the Annual Summit before the general public.
  • Use free-of-charge, FM Tracks, a robust, real-time app and website to capture and track your program’s impact.

As a Network member, we ask that you:

  • Participate: Ask questions, respond to your peers and share your knowledge.
  • Contribute: Collect and share common data points from your access and affordability program to a national data set.
  • Identify: Celebrate the national community you are now a part of by identifying as a member of the National Nutrition Incentive Network.

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