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HACKED by Mister Spy Hacked By Mister Spy Bot V3 HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy thank you gassrini for the tool […] Read More

LOS ANGELES - What do local farmers, low-income Latino families, and area pediatricians have in common? They are all raving about our Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program. Launched here in June through an $800,000 grant from Target and a partnership with the Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center, this program provides 544 low-income patients—who are […] Read More

Chicago’s South Side isn’t famous for its abundant produce. But here at the 61st Street Farmers Market, even in December you’ll find a cornucopia of local apples, pears, leafy greens, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Still, simply bringing the harvest into the low-income Woodlawn neighborhood isn’t enough. Residents have to be able to afford it. […] Read More

We are delighted to announce our newest board member: the one and only Chef Tyler Florence. Our CEO Chef Michel Nischan has been crossing paths with Tyler for years at culinary events and charity appearances and they’ve always hit it off. Two years ago Chef Florence—who has long thrown his fame behind food banks and […] Read More

Photo by Union Square Greenmarket As farmers markets across the country have gotten equipped to accept SNAP, they’ve worked hard to get the word out. Some outreach efforts are as simple as handwritten A-frames or plain postcards that exclaim Acceptamos EBT! But the folks at the New York City Greenmarket took things to a whole […] Read More

Hartford, CT -- “Our produce sales have increased 8 or 9 percent!” raves Jeffrey Perez, general manager of the C-Town supermarket here. He’s marveling at the spike in fruit and vegetable sales from the SNAP UP! program. Perez, 27, started learning the grocery business from his father when he was just 10 years old. The […] Read More

You say tomato. We say well-fed families, thriving farms, and long-term gains for America’s economy, ecology and public health. Wholesome Wave was founded on this concept—that making produce affordable triggers benefits that reach far beyond the plate. Put more simply, that food can change the world. This idea is also at the heart of our […] Read More

Midwest Melting Pot

MILWAUKEE, WI—Forget garden variety tomatoes or state fair cheese curds. At the Fondy Farmers Market here on the city’s north side, you can buy sweet potato leaves, squash vines and 13 different varieties of eggplant. The veritable produce cornucopia reflects the farmers, who are largely Hmong, and the diverse community, which is predominantly African American. […] Read More

One Million Dollars – and Counting

We’ve hit a lot of milestones in the last nine years. Here’s a nice new one: one million dollars. That’s how much our Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Program partners have already distributed in SNAP and nutrition incentives just since the start of the year. This million-dollar milestone represents the magnitude of the investment SNAP […] Read More

To organizations across the country making produce affordable, Wholesome Wave offers tools and support. And right now, we’re offering money, too. That’s because we’re inviting applications for funding through our second annual Nutrition Incentive Program Support and Innovation Grant (NIPSIG). Successful applicants will receive up to $25,000 for innovative solutions that use nutrition incentives to […] Read More

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