JACKSON, MS—Dr. Cindy Ayers is a Mississippi native, but she didn’t always raise vegetables, cattle, goats and fish. Fifteen years ago, she was an investment banker in New York City. “Before, I was a suit-wearing, nails-and-hair-perfect, city slicker,” she says. “Now I have the most beautiful hats and work boots.” But for Ayers, the move […] Read More

We’ve established SNAP-doubling programs at many markets in many states, under many names and systems. And while that individual growth is great, organized growth can be an even more powerful force for change. It quickly became clear that success in the Farm Bill would only mean success in the field if individual organizations could work […] Read More

COLUMBUS, OH—Dreaming big—that’s how Amy Baskes, manager of Veggie SNAPS, describes the mindset among Ohio’s nutrition incentive programs since Wholesome Wave began working there several years ago. Each of Ohio’s three largest cities—Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland—is home to a nutrition incentive program, but until two years ago there was no coordination or communication between the […] Read More

Bunches of change! Chef Jose Andres shared this selfie. Will you share yours? Our partnership with Naked Juice is back! Last summer we teamed up with Naked Juice on a campaign to raise both awareness of food deserts – and funding to fight them. Now we’re at it again: Naked Juice has pledged $10 to […] Read More

Through this program 500 pediatric patients and their families in Los Angeles will receive prescriptions for produce that they can redeem at Target and local farmers markets.  Bridgeport, CT – June 28, 2016 – Big news: Wholesome Wave has been awarded two grants from Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) for a total of $1.2 million, to launch […] Read More

Pictured with a stack of SNAP Up! coupons, Jeffrey Perez's family owns the C-Town on Wethersfield Ave in the South End of Hartford. Wednesday, June 8 -- Today, in the announcement of the second round of funding for the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Program, USDA awarded national nonprofit Wholesome Wave approximately $500,000 to increase […] Read More

Photo Credit: Destination 360 Illinois State Capitol Chefs Rick Bayless, Jason Hammel, Paul Kahan and Matthias Merges have just joined Wholesome Wave CEO Chef Michel Nischan in announcing support for an innovative Illinois bill making its way through the state legislature. HB 6027 would create a $1M Healthy Local Food Incentives Fund for “double-value coupons” which match the […] Read More

In 2010, Wholesome Wave launched our first Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Programs in Maine and Massachusetts, based on the simple idea that doctors could prescribe produce to patients—rather than wait and prescribe medicine after they’re sick. Just 6 years later, after successful implementation across 10 states, we’ve released a 100+ page toolkit to help other organizations […] Read More

You’ve heard about our Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program. Now you can see it in action: The concept is simple: Instead of prescribing medication to people sickened with diet-related disease, we work with healthcare providers to literally write prescriptions for fruits and vegetables, which patients redeem at farmers markets. Since we launched this program in […] Read More

To the long list of reasons to have Chef Michel Nischan as your CEO, add this one: he and his friends can cook. We tapped that talent at our inaugural benefit dinner in midtown Manhattan on April 20th, with courses by Chef Nischan, Seamus Mullen, Carmen Quagliata, Tyler Florence & Jacques Torres. Over 200 guests […] Read More

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