Wholesome Wave and Target Launch FVRx in LA

Through this program 500 pediatric patients and their families in Los Angeles will receive prescriptions for produce that they can redeem at Target and local farmers markets. 

Bridgeport, CT – June 28, 2016 – Big news: Wholesome Wave has been awarded two grants from Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) for a total of $1.2 million, to launch the largest Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program® (FVRx®)  to date.

We have been piloting and perfecting produce prescription programs since 2008 and this grant will fund the largest FVRx® program yet: to be offered to under-served families in Los Angeles. Alongside clinical and nutritional counseling, the program allows healthcare providers to offer families “prescriptions,” or vouchers, for fresh fruits and vegetables that can then be redeemed at both Target stores and farmers markets. We will also offer a competitive grant program to members of our National Nutrition Incentive Network to kick-start subsequent expansion initiatives.

Launching in June 2016, the Los Angeles FVRx program will increase affordable access to healthy produce for 500 pediatric patients at the Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center (EPFMC) and their families. Families can redeem prescriptions at any Target store across the country with over 20 stores within the greater Los Angeles Area, in addition to participating farmers markets operated by Sustainable Economic Enterprises of LA (SEE-LA). Finally, the families of high need patients will also be able to participate in intensive nutrition education classes offered by local non-profit, Groceryships, for 20 weeks at no cost. More than 98% of EPFMC’s patients are below 150% of the poverty level, approximately 82% are Latino, and 34% are age 12 or younger.

“Helping Americans struggling with poverty is something the private sector needs to take on full-force,” said Michel Nischan, our Founder & CEO. “Our partnership with Target, coupled with our partnership with over 700 farmers markets across the country, will do just that. There’s no better way to express the spirit of our great country than through feeding those who are falling on hard times by helping consumers put fresh fruits and vegetables on the table.”

“Together, we will help remove barriers to wellness in our communities, working to increase the consumption of nutrient-dense food and physical activity of kids and families across the country,” said Laysha Ward, chief corporate social responsibility officer, Target.

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